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Understand Your Original Righteousness - Mayans Predictions | Mayans Predictions

Understand Your Original Righteousness

God is the creator of all things. From the outset of the Book of Genesis, the focus of the strong light of revelation turns upon the Almighty. He is the Beginning, the Cause, the Source of all that is. He brought into being all the things and the persons that were to fit into his plan for the ages. All the matter necessary for his later working, he miraculously created.” (The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, Electronic Database)

God made all things out of Himself. Even He is out of Himself. God created man in His own image. Therefore, there is no original sin. There is only original righteousness, because God created man originally Him. It is a natural instinct of man to be like God.

It is not natural for man to walk in sin. You may say, “Well, the Psalmist David said, ‘I was born in sin and shaped in iniquity.’” When David said, “I was born in sin,” maybe he was talking about the relationship. He was not talking about universal man; David was talking about himself.

You are originally righteous. God made man in His image, after His likeness, originally righteous, but then man chose to fall. Man chose to walk away from his righteousness and be the devil, because he was tired of being God. What is the difference between God and the devil? There is only one power.

The devil is God twisted a twisted concept of the Almighty. The devil is your own self- ignorance. Remember the prodigal son? (Luke 15:11-32) The prodigal son asked for his inheritance. The sin was not him asking for his inheritance. The sin was him divorcing himself from the root. The father told him, “All that I have is yours.”

So, if all that the father had belonged to the son, then it was not wrong for the son to have all that he had, he just did not want him to be separated from the root. The sin of the prodigal son was that he was separated from his father’s economy. As long as you keep separating yourself from the Father’s economy, you are lost.

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