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The Language of Dreams

So we begin our study of dreams, of the inner world that is as real to your unconscious mind as the physical world is to your external body. One of the most important aspects of your dream self is that you are multi- lingual; you can speak languages when you are asleep that you would not speak when you are awake. This is vital because dreams have a language all their own. For example, in Genesis 37:9, Joseph has a dream about ruling over Jacob, his mother and brothers, and in part is says:

“And, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me…”

Do we really think that the sun and moon somehow bowed to Joseph? Of course not, God made the sun and moon to serve their purposes; they are not sentient beings that can bow or do anything else but what they were made to do. Dreams are not meant to be taken literally. They are symbolic communication to be taken as signs to point the dreamer toward certain information.

In this instance, Joseph’s father Jacob saw himself in the dream as the sun, bowing to his child, and rebuked his son. He understood that the meaning of the dream was he would become subservient to his son, who was to become great in the eyes of God and man. Jacob had the wisdom to know the language of the dream.

Dreams are rarely logical, because God does not speak in Logic. He speaks in Spirit. He speaks in leaps of intuition and sudden blinding flashes of personal awareness that is accessible to no one but you and the prophets.

Dreams occur in the spirit, the part of your mind, your “self,” that becomes ascendant when your evolved brain—the part of you that doubts and thinks it knows more than God—takes the night off. Symbols speak to your spirit in your dreams. Symbols are the language of dreams, spoken by your spirit rather than your mind.

Until you understand the language of symbols, you do not understand the language of God. That is why it is not enough simply to remember your dreams; you must interpret and understand them in order to act upon them. A dream is always of consequence, because God is speaking to you and God does not speak idly. Everything He has to say to you has importance in your life, either regarding what you are doing today or what you have the possibility of doing in the future.

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