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Recognizing the power of God - Mayans Predictions | Mayans Predictions

Recognizing the power of God

Before we condemn a concept, theory or idea we should study it. The halo is often used in paintings and icons to depict the external power of God. Icons are considered sacred images and can be traced back to the early Church. They are very popular in the Orthodox tradition, but in the Pentecostal tradition icons are considered a form of idol worship. Many Pentecostal Christians believe that those who incorporate icons and sacred images in their worship experience and pray such prayers as the “Prayer of Mary” or the “Prayer of St. Joseph” are praying to the saints.

However, this is a fallacy. They are not praying to the saints. They are praying the prayers of those saints whose prayers have been proven. Peter and the disciples would often tell people to “look on us” to see the power of God, directing the attention to the Christ that was within them.

Those of the Pentecostal tradition tend to have no training or education in effective prayer and often pray without a model. Many do not even know what a saint looks like. All they know is they received salvation, are sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues. However, they never studied the model or the system or the science of effective prayer.

Could the artists of the early Church possibly have been depicting the “light body” or that degree of light or illumination that comes out of the evolved being? It is the will of God for everyone to become evolved in Him.

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