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The truth behind doomsday exposed; free prophecies offered for a better understanding of the Mayans’ predictions

New York City, May 31, 2013

The truth behind what the Mayans have predicted as the end of the world but was never materialized was exposed through the prophecies given by the Master Prophet, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan.

On December 21, 2012, and even days before that day, we have witnessed how the world turned a little upside-down because of the belief that the world is going to end on that date. However, it has been months already since that predicted date, but still, the world still do exist.

Many scientists, philosophers, and astronomers released their statements right after that prediction was made publicized, that it was never going to happen. As for them, it is just a beginning of another cycle in the calendar of the Mayans, just like in our calendar which ends on December 31 and begin another cycle stating January 1 on the next year again.

What made the doomsday a threat to everyone is the way it was being relayed to the people- by the internet, news, and media, giving such a misconception to the people. For actually, such prediction was made to happen in 2003, but since it was not materialized, was moved to 2012, which is by bit a coincidence with the Mayans’ last day in their calendar.  

Today, many still believed that such prediction will happen, which is why the Master Prophet offers his free prophecy to anyone who is interested to know about their future. With his free prophecies, people get to understand the predictions of the Mayans better, without any misconception of what such prediction really meant.

For more information, you may contact us here by filling up the form with the required details; and if you want to receive a free prophecy direct from the Master Prophet himself, just fill up the form you see on right corner and click submit once done.




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