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Mayans Predictions - Part 3

The Ancient And Present Mayans Predictions, Fullfilment Of Prophecies

When we speak of predictions, fullfilment of prophecies, we can include not only the ancient ones of the Egyptians and the Mayans but relatively present day prophecies, as well.

Edgar Cayce predicted the world in peril, as did Michael Scallion, as did many others in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They had powers unlike most humans, there was no doubt about that. But what did they know about our future?

Nostradamus also predicted many things that already happened to the earth and its inhabitants. And there have been countless prophets before and after him. They all seem to mention the end of the world as we know it, but it never seems really clear. Nostradamus wrote in a code, so some of the writings are questionable. What is the meaning of the end of the world as we know it? Is it really an end?

On the ancient pyramid of Geeza, there is a time line of historic events, also written in hieroglyphs, and therefore a bit difficult to precisely decipher. However, it seems that much of the incidents and events listed have actually happened. But why does it end in our present day?

There does not seem to be any certain explanation, as if there is a piece missing from this mysterious puzzle. Maybe it is present day man who has the answer. Only time can actually tell that.

For years the Mayan calendar has been believed to end in the year 2000. But later scrutiny proved that it actually deciphers as the year 2012. This is now the belief, anyway. Maybe it will be believed until someone else says that they really meant 2020. Sometimes news is just a lot of hype, after all. And people certainly seem to focus on the negative.

Mayans believe, however, that the winter solstice, dated December 21, 2012, will not be the end of the world, but the end of a particular cycle. There are other beliefs about cycles ending, as well. And the Mayans have implied with their writings that this end will simply be the beginning of something else. They say that we are in this all together on this earth, and that we should come together as one in this time of uncertainty. They believe that we alone hold the future of the world in our hands and in our hearts. It does not need to end badly. It actually may be a new beginning for the good of mankind.

Sometimes the media elaborates on the worst possible scenario. Fear and death and destruction seem to be the subjects for many newsreels, stories, and movies about the year 2012. It may not be that way at all. It may be a new beginning of understanding and truth and enlightenment. But only humans can make this happen among ourselves. We can study the prophecies of the ancients and more recent prophets. Or we can predict a greater peaceful world ourselves. Our faith in ourselves, and our predictions, fullfilment of prophecies could be the difference between self destruction and a new enlightened man.

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