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We all have nightmares, some of them recurring and some so intense that we fear going to sleep at night. But what is a nightmare? A nightmare is an invitation from God, an invitation to master that which in your waking life is mastering you. In other words, the symbols that inhabit your nightmares represent unresolved issues in your life. Nightmares come as a result of your fragmented self; they are the manifestation of something you are afraid of facing.

Perhaps you are having a marital problem that you can’t seem to talk about with your spouse, or you face the difficult situation of having to put a parent in an assisted living facility. When nightmares come to you in times of stress, they are saying, “Deal with me! If you won’t deal with me while you’re awake, deal with me now!”

For example, a young husband and father who has not taken good care of his health keeps having the dream that he is a crusader in a pitched battle against a larger force, in his dream, he fights a bloody battle, swords against shields. Finally, one day, he remembers the dream in detail and understands what it means: the army he’s fighting is death and decay, and he needs to change how he is living if he is to defeat them. The next time he has the dream, he survives the battle and walks away victorious. In his waking life, he suddenly begins eating well and exercising, and gets his body in top condition, ensuring himself a long, productive life.

That is mastery. To take control of your dreams and embrace the message God is sending you through them. Proverbs 16:32 says, “He that ruleth his spirit is better than he who taketh a city.” In other words, the self is the ultimate conquest.

We cause most of our misery and misfortune through the poor choices we make. In our dreams, God gives us the insight and wisdom to change those choices. Once you master you dreams, you will begin to come into yourself. Nothing is more important than self-mastery.

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