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Mayans Predictions Causing World To End? | Mayans Predictions

Mayans Predictions Causing World To End?

Recently, there has been a great amount of talk regarding the end of the world on December 12 or 23, 2012. Much of this talk is generated by those that believe the Mayans predictions are actually prophecies. However, instead of buying into this theory directly, we should do some research on the people and what they believe.

The Mayans are an ancient people that once thrived in Mesoamerica, a region that extended from the center of Mexico to countries further south such as Nicaragua and Honduras. They are known, as are other Mesoamerican early peoples such as the Inca and the Aztecs, for their progressive civilization and scientific discoveries. While they were not the inventors of the calendar, they certainly finalized the concept and improved upon it. And, it such a calendar, that is putting everyone in such a whirlwind of worriment.

The Mayans had three separate calendars that were formulated based off of the movement of the stars and planets. The current calendar was formulated with a total of 1,872,000 days, based on several different aspects of astrology. The Mayans believed that they could only understand the present fully when they could view the future as well. Therefore, they designed a calendar that was cyclical.

Each cycle is based on the position in the sky of a certain star or planet, and the movement of that star became a certain amount of time. They also correlated certain dates with specific events, and because of this, it has started a panic within modern-day society.

Scientists have calculated that the Mayan calendar ends on either December 12 or December 23, 2012. Instead of just accepting that 1,872,00 days was the longest calendar that the Mayas wished to make, people are claiming that a large event will take place on this date, therefore causing the end of the world. However, instead of actually looking into the likelihood of this occurrence, it is believed by thousands.

In order to satisfy the population and their fears, scientists have looked into the possibility of an end-of-the-world scenario equal to what the interpreters of Mayan prophecies believed. The verdict is that the end of the world is not possible within the next two years. However, there are some who have a different view regarding the ending of the calendar.

Instead of believing in negative consequences, there is a new age belief that 2012 will bring about a new level of consciousness in humanity. They believe that there is the possibility of a total upheaval in the way that humans act, think, and feel towards each other. While this could happen, that does not seem very likely either.

The Mayans were an incredibly advanced civilization that made several advances in the field of science and astronomy. Before their great fall, they were progressive members of society whose view of cyclical time is both philosophical and inspirational. There are people in the world of today that are attempting to twist this beautiful creation into something prophetic and sinister. The Mayans predictions do not involve the end of the world, but simply the ending of their calendar.

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