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Dreams are letters from God - Mayans Predictions | Mayans Predictions

Dreams are letters from God

Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. – John Updike

You’re deep in sleep. Your physical body is at rest, firmly into the aspect of sleep researchers call Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, sleep. The reason your eyes move? You’re dreaming. Your body may be at rest and your conscious mind in an idle mode, but your unconscious mind is running free and wild.

Stimuli are pouring into your mind and movies are playing out on your mental theater screen. Perhaps tonight it’s an adventure film, or a love story. Or very possibly, it’s a disjointed work that could have come from the hands of David Lynch or Salvador Dalí, something that on the surface doesn’t make much sense. Welcome to the strange, thrilling, essential world of dreams.

You dream every night, all night, in cycles that typically last for about 90 minutes. Each night as you sleep, your body becomes more wakeful and then goes deeper into sleep, part of the normal resting journey of your physical self. As you sleep, your muscles expel the lactic acid that causes fatigue, your heart rate and respiration slow, your body temperature cools, and your tissues repair any damage they may have suffered during the day.

But while sleep is a time of rest for your body, it is a time of crucial interaction with God and the Divine in you. Because during this time, when your waking mind is out of the picture, God is speaking directly and emphatically to your dream body, sending you information vital to your understanding of how to live your life and reach your full Divine potential.

Excerpt from 10 Commandments of Dreams & Visions by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan

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