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Do you have unopened letters? - Mayans Predictions | Mayans Predictions

Do you have unopened letters?

Dreams are fraught with messages of a symbolic nature. When you are in your dream state, you’ll see symbols everywhere: the sun and moon, animals and buildings, fire and water, and so on. Each has a specific meaning for you; some commentary from God on changes you should be making in your life or opportunities you should be seeking.

Why doesn’t God simply say in a clear voice, “Ahem, Liz, you need to stop dating that man, he’s bad for you”? Because symbols are the language of God, God wants you to interpret and understand His communication and in doing so, come to understand His nature. If He just told you what you needed to know, you wouldn’t be motivated to investigate, learn and grow. So He relies on symbols to give you a path to follow. Symbols are the voice of God in action.

Dreams are God speaking to us in images as our minds are at rest; they are a continuance of God’s messages to us on Earth during our waking hours. Each dream is a letter from God, but if you don’t remember your dreams, that letter remains unopened. If you remember the dream but do not act on it, it becomes a letter read but thrown away like so much junk mail. God sends you dreams because he intends for you to act on them and change something about your life.

Your conscious mind goes to sleep so God can visit you and send you information you would not hear when you are awake, when your mind is constantly “filtering” what it can receive. The most important skill to

develop as part of this teaching is the ability to remember and understand your dreams, so you never receive a letter from God that goes unopened. Each night you have 4 to 6 dreams, but you don’t always remember them.

However, you can train yourself to remember your dreams, to fully live in your dream body and become a dream catcher, someone who not only recalls but exercises control over his or her dreams. That’s power, the power to tune your personal receiver to the pure source of inspiration and life-changing vision in the cosmos, the God within you.

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